Our Suppliers

North Star

Located on Leeds docks, North Star Coffee Roasters was established in 2013 as the first coffee roastery in Leeds dedicated to providing coffees of the highest quality by working with specialty focused producers all over the world. They buy only speciality grade Arabica coffees and choose beans based on their complex flavour profile, cleanliness and consistency. They work seasonally, purchasing fresh green coffee in small batches all year round which they then roast to showcase the flavours of each bean.

Brew Tea Company

“Not 'just' a cup of tea”

“We’re flying the flag for tea drinkers everywhere, challenging the status quo and making their experiences awesome, one by one”

Based in Manchester Brew Tea Co. has given the speciality tea world a serious shake-up. They are redefining what “good” tea can be - making it more inclusive, demystifying it and raising the bar. This means quality, tasty cups for all - whether you’re on the milky brews or into your healthy greens.

Kokoa Collection

Kokoa Collection are famous for their award-winning hot chocolates. They have five varying cocoa percentages that are prepared using tables of single origin chocolate with its own distinct character. Being pure chocolate, other than the Ivory coast white, they are all dairy free making it a delicious option for non-dairy drinkers.

Lune Valley Dairy

In the heart of the Lune Valley for three generations it has been run by the Towers family, they focus on the welfare of their cows, traceability & the impact they have on environment. With all this in mind making sure they give the consumers high quality dairy products from their herd.


Based in Lancaster with the motto “big enough to cope, small enough to care!” they sure do look after us and our small orders. They source produce locally, nationally & internationally, which enables them to provide some of the freshest fruit and vegetables available. Due to our menu being seasonal it means most of the ingredients we use comes locally from Lancashire.

Lovingly Artisan

“Bread with northern soul!” And that, it is! Situated in Kendal, Aidan brings his knowledge & many years of experience to us all through his award-winning bread. They blend ancestral and heritage grains in the creation of the perfect sourdough.
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